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Hi there, the controls fine and the pixel art looks nice but the problem is the camera placement seems off most of the time and the environment should have more apparent visual feedback (the spikes at the start were hard to notice) plus, the combat is a bit loose(?), when I hit the enemy I expect them to react somewhat to my attack not continue plowing through my attacks as if it doesn't affect them.

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Hello, the game is good but we need always look down, I don't know if it's a good idea having a camera too high. Also there is a problem with the resolution of pixel ( some elements are 2x size )

Good luck :)

Hello! Totally loved your game, thanks for giving me the link. Its style is so good and game play is excellent, I'd love to see more of it. I included it in my video, apologies for the delay I have had tech issues!

Me encanta esta muy bien hecho,sigue asi

Gracias nadir<3


The pixel art is so goOd! I really want to see the full release. Also i see your working in construct. If you ever need any help you could ask me!

Thanks for playing ^^! yeah i will contact with u, im really amateur with construct 2 hahaha


This game is beautiful! I recorded this before the updates, so unfortunately I didn't get to test that out  yet :( I really enjoyed it though, and found a couple bugs while I was playing, so I hope that helps! Can't wait to see what else comes of this :)

wow! Thank you so much Gubbz you are amazing! and thanks for the feedback it help a lot ^^


Beautiful graphics you are very good in 2d pixel art, really good! Level design so cool, i see various ideas to place tiles.  If this is your first game, you are talented :) Wait for full release, good work :)

thank you so much for comment and give me your feedback ^^ thanks!


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Thats is amazing!! i dont know why my game doesnt have coin effects.... it seems i exported wrong or something, but thank you so much for the video!! maybe i can give you de capx file to see it better. i give u freedom if you want to touch it a little. Im really amateur in making games, i started like 3 weeks ago... im still learning ^^

Can you please try the game? i make some fixes, tell me if you look the title worn again and the coin sound ^^


I like the art style and the movement but there's no sound and I found the attack range to be too small. I tried to kill the birds but it didn't do anything (maybe they could fly away or something) and I never saw the spiky-plant-thingy on the ground. It's pretty good, you should finish it and polish it !

It has sound, thats strange hahaha. Yeah i need to work a lot, i dont kwno too much in making games, but i try ^^. Thanks for let me know all this it means a lot! <3 i will work more and polish the game!